Jessica Rector, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy, Psychedelic Integration Coach
San Diego CA
I work with clients in whatever way works best for them. I meet with my clients as often as weekly, or 1x/3 months depending on the program in which they’re involved. I prefer to classify my role as someone who holds space as you find your power, so I am here to work with you in whatever way feels optimal to you.
Hello! My name is Jessica. I’m a Doctor of Physical Therapy who specializes in chronic back/hip/pelvic pain as well as treatment of sexual traumas and other forms of abuse contributing to physical dysfunctions. I incorporate wellness coaching into all of my treatment plans, and I believe that use of psychedelics is going to be very impactful in healing those with chronic pain. I help clients integrate their experiences in order to optimize the benefit of their psychedelic and plant medicine use.
Weekly coaching sessions, full day in home retreats