Jessica Ronyak, LMHC

Oakland Park FL
Jessica creates a safe and supportive space where clients can feel truly heard and understood. She doesn't rely solely on traditional talk therapy, but instead utilizes a comprehensive toolbox to address the unique needs of each individual. EMDR and KAP help clients process and release past traumas, while parts work and somatic techniques allow for deeper self-exploration and a connection between mind and body. Mindfulness practices cultivate a sense of present-moment awareness, and by incorporating attachment theory, Jessica helps clients build healthier relationships with themselves and others. This multifaceted approach empowers clients to not just manage symptoms, but to truly heal and experience lasting positive change.
Jessica's fascination with human behavior began in childhood, fueled by a desire to understand people and a personal connection to mental health challenges. Her curiosity only grew during her collegiate athletic career, where she witnessed the mind-body connection firsthand. This passion led her to become a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida. While Jessica valued traditional talk therapy, she recognized its limitations. Her own experiences as a client and witnessing the struggles of others led her to seek more effective approaches. EMDR training opened a new path, allowing her to help clients process and release emotional pain more efficiently. Her interest in childhood development and trauma drew her to Laurel Parnell's AF-EMDR, recognizing its power to address the root causes of adult issues. Further exploration introduced her to parts work and KAP (Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy), expanding her toolkit for holistic healing. Jessica specializes in helping individuals heal from PTSD, anxiety, depression, and trauma. She utilizes EMDR, KAP, and other modalities to create a safe and supportive space where clients can feel heard, understood, and accepted. Witnessing their growth and self-discovery is her greatest reward. Jessica is currently training to become an EMDR Approved Consultant, guiding other therapists in their use of EMDR.
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