jessica waclawski, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker + Relationship Therapist
Vail CO
My clients describe me as easy to connect to as I seek to deeply understand their experiences + who they are as a person. I offer a warm + authentic space where I will also appropriately challenge you to stretch beyond what may be comfortable. I believe it is in the tolerance of discomfort that we can transform. As a therapist, I trust you as my client to be your own expert. I act as a guide back to yourself + your inner healer.
My name is Jessica and I'm a licensed clinical social worker currently licensed in Colorado. I specialized in relationship dynamics as a Certified Emotionally Focused Therapist. While most of my clients are couples repairing + strengthening their relationships, I also work intensively with individuals to heal relational patterns with self + others. I have completed the MAPS Part A + B of the MDMA Assisted Psychotherapy Training + eagerly await continuing the process of certification. I have begun assisting + guiding legal use of ketamine while also working to help integrate other psychedelic/non-ordinary experiences.