Jill Thompson, LCPC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor
Oak Park IL
I believe the roots of a healthy life are integrity, authenticity, wholeness and connection. My focus is on helping individuals connect more deeply to themselves and others. I am available to do this work with clients via telehealth and in person when appropriate (KAP, integration, sitting, etc.).
I am currently a solo provider looking to expand into psychedelic assisted therapy, particularly KAP. I am a mother and step-mother to four kiddos, so life outside of my practice is full to say the least. I absolutely love being a therapist and am passionate about my work. Entering the psychedelic space has reinvigorated that passion in an incredibly exciting way, and I am eager to share that. I love helping individuals realize their potential and purpose. I bring a sense of humor to this work as well as the empathy and compassion we all require to thrive.