Jillian Sompel, RN

Emergency Department Registered Nurse/Holistic Nurse Coach
San Rafael CA
My mission is to help you set up a safe space, listen empathically, educate, empower, and support clients as they rediscover their relationship to self through psychedelic and plant medicines.
I am a Registered Nurse who has specialized in the Emergency Department for the last 10 years with a Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research from CIIS. I have been disenchanted with Emergency Medicine and hospital policies for the last few years and have been seeking ways to help others in a way that I believe in. I have been interested in entheogens since I was 15 years old; the last 10 years realizing their therapeutic benefits. I am ecstatic to work in this field, especially to help others combat anxiety related to death and dying, PTSD, treatment resistant depression, addiction, and also to help other healthcare providers dealing with burnout after the COVID pandemic.
In person, Online