Jodey Sharman, BSc, MA

Registered Psychologist
Calgary AB
There are lots of theoretical frameworks for therapy. It is the relationship with your therapist which heals. Exploration, freedom and joy are available to you when you know you are seen and matter, are accepted, and are held in a space of safety, stability, and growth. I believe in focusing in on the heart of the matter when we first meet and helping you change as you need and want to over time as we continue on a schedule that suits you.
I am learning to use psychedelic assisted therapy as a way to help clients move beyond survival to joy and true-self thriving. I work in a Ketamine Assisted Therapy clinic in Calgary- Sabi-Mind - where I provide preparation, attention to set and setting, and integration. I offer this in my private practice if you are choosing to do psychedelic assisted therapy as one way of progressing faster toward your goals and ultimate wholeness.
Ketamine Assisted Therapy at Sabi Mind Preparation and Integration for your journey.