Jodie NewDelman, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
San Geronimo CA
The most valuable path forward depends on self-permission to change. Holding profound reverence for personal life stories, Dr. Jodie and her Essensuate Psychology Group team draw on each client’s expertise about themselves and their potential for resilience and capacity for meaningful shifts. She promotes the development of sustainable movement practices cognitively, physically, emotionally, and spiritually and is dedicated to catalyzing an ascent to SELF-leadership. Dr. Jodie specializes in working with established and emerging leaders, healthcare professionals, and clients managing chronic conditions, pain, trauma, and treatment-resistant psychiatric conditions. The highly collaborative group practice also serves teens, families, and couples. With a commitment to integrative health and an interdisciplinary approach, Dr. Jodie blends neuroscience with experiential, somatic, and expressive modalities to support clients in unburdening their essential nature. The transformation of "stuckness" to “in-process” frequently unfolds from a deepening of awareness, increased access to creativity, and the development of an agency-oriented mindset. She strongly believes in empowering her clients to lean into their natural strengths and innate wisdom to forge a path through pain and into healing. As a champion of creative intelligence, she sees activating flexibility and flow as critical for recovery from trauma, illness, victimhood, and complex personal, cultural, and professional entanglements.
Dr. Jodie is a licensed psychologist with over 25 years of experience. She is the founder and owner of Essensuate Psychology Group, APC, where she leads a team of psychotherapists. Her practice offers "Partnership in Transformation," supporting growth and positive change in individuals, families, and organizations. She has served in a wide range of clinical, teaching, and research roles and operates as a somatic and trauma-focused clinician and neuroscientist. Beyond credentials and projects, what has ultimately proved most valuable in her professional life is a deep commitment to continuous curiosity and humility. It takes discipline to thrive in one's true nature! Dr. Jodie finds it a privilege to support her clients and supervisees open new doors in their perception and discover the courage to transform their lives and careers. This work is a lifelong endeavor we all share as humans. It is an honor to be an interconnected resource for those seeking clarity and a way forward. Our work traces historical patterns, surfaces injuries, and reviews relational ruptures and trauma. Together, we co-create a care path as resonant and unique as each client. I am happy to share my C.V. upon request or you may find a version of it on LinkedIn
Individual and group psychotherapy and Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP.) We have prescribing partnerships that allow us to work with both IM clients and those who self-administer "psycholytic" oral ketamine doses such that sessions are amplified with the effects of the medicine. At moderately higher psychedelic doses, client journeys unfold more internally. In that case, our psychotherapeutic integration sessions focus on consolidating the insights derived from experiencing the medicine.