Joe Nathan, PGDABP, DMHC, DPhil

Chennai TN
I work on how people when dealt with wisely during psychedelic trips can show an empowering change in the way they operate later. My exposure to Buddhist Psychology, Mindfulness & Transactional analysis has provided me a methodology for assisting clients in helping to understand and bringing together the various nuances of their psychedelic voyage by mapping a pattern. I offer education, encouragement, and guidance on psychedelic journeys. The psycho education session that I provide about the psychoactive substances and the perceptions it make, can help you understand yourself better and judge less the observations made by your mental filters which magnify or discount. We will address any fears or concerns that may arise prior to your journey as well as identify, review and channel your set, setting, intentions, purpose and safety plans before working with psychedelic medicines. I’ll empower you to work on your willingness to better yourself by enhancing your ability to identify if anything is lacking or incomplete and the will to get that back by actively taking steps to battle it out and regain or to acquire something new in the process.
A mental health professional, an anthropologist and a polyglot who strongly believes in adding value to the space and people around me and empowering each other in the process. Sometimes all you have to do is help pass the light. Be someone who conveys it well. Soon, we’ll realize we all are lenses in some way for someone, or for a group or to the one staring right back at you when you look into the mirror. Let’s fine tune as a much as we believe. Mental health Professional at AHAM Consciousness, Chennai. I am a regular at music festivals and help people talk through difficult trips. I love traveling, surfing, & teaching languages including French and Spanish.