John Haupert, NP

Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
San Francisco CA
The most important part of therapy is the relationship between the client and the therapist. My top priority is to help you feel comfortable in our sessions. This focus on trust and comfort helps create a safe space to allow you to be vulnerable and authentic without fear of being shamed. My clients say they quickly feel at ease in our sessions because I model radical acceptance to them. I don’t believe in “fixing” people but help them to see the strength in what they formerly identified as weakness. My clients talk freely with me about intimacy, sex, drugs and alcohol, attachment, emotions, and other difficult topics because of my non-judgmental and trauma-informed approach. I am highly trained in harm reduction, substance use, and sexual health, and am extremely comfortable talking about sensitive subjects.
I completed my master's in nursing at Boston College while doing my specialized graduate training at the VA with a focus on PTSD and substance use disorders. I have worked in various community health agencies, focusing on a range of client populations including the LGBTQ+ community, people struggling with substance use, Veterans, People with Epilepsy, and other marginalized communities. I am also a musician. Before going into mental health, I completed my bachelor of music at Berklee College of Music in Boston where I studied songwriting, production, and mandolin performance. I continue to play music as a hobby and am very attuned to the lifestyle and needs of artists and creative types.
Who I work with: -The LGBTQ+ community -Substance users who are looking for alternatives to the traditional abstinence-only models of recovery -Individuals interested in harm-reduction for behavior change, including substance use, eating habits, sex, exercise, and more -People in polyamorous or open relationships -Those with alternative sexual practices, including kink, sex work, and BDSM -Empaths and Creatives -People living with chronic pain and chronic medical conditions What I specialize in: -LGBTQ+ affirming psychotherapy -Psychedelic support and integration -Trauma -Harm reduction -Substance use -Grief -Anxiety -Depression -PTSD -ADHD -HIV/AIDS