John Loppnow, LMFT

Montrose CA
It is my intention to give each client enough traction to progress in their healing and capacity for growth. I often use the metaphor of a coach who will offer suggestions during and in between sessions if clients want to be proactive in their growth.
"Hello, I'm John, a dedicated Psychotherapist and Life Coach with over 20 years of experience. My guiding principle, born from a simple yet profound belief – that all relationships are built on learnable skills – has shaped my entire career. This philosophy, once a mere email signature, has evolved into the foundation of my therapeutic practice. My therapy journey was sparked in high school, a time when I realized my ability to make people comfortable enough to share their innermost thoughts. This gift was nurtured through my own experiences in family therapy, where I learned the transformative power of compassion, skills, and self-reflection. With a diverse background that includes a stint in the corporate world and witnessing my father's entrepreneurial journey, I understand the unique challenges faced by professionals. This insight enriches my approach, enabling me to effectively support clients balancing their personal and professional lives. My worldview is heavily influenced by my diverse friendships and my marriage to a woman from South Korea, highlighting the beauty of diverse perspectives and shared growth. I value learning from various cultures and experiences, integrating this wisdom into my therapy practice. Trained in Family Systems, EFT, and various methodologies like PNI, EMDR, and IFS, my approach is informed by a rich tapestry of knowledge. Influences like Dr. Dan Siegel in Interpersonal Neurobiology have been crucial in shaping my understanding of relationships and the mind. As a therapist, I adopt a coaching approach, offering proactive suggestions to help clients gain traction in their healing and growth. My areas of focus include individual therapy, family therapy, and methods like Enneagram, Breathwork, and TIST. Outside the therapy room, live music is my sanctuary. From concerts at The Rosebowl to local bands, these experiences infuse my life with joy and community – key elements I believe are integral to healing and growth. In summary, whether you're seeking understanding, healing, or growth, I'm here to collaborate with you. Together, we can navigate a path toward greater wholeness and authentic power, making a meaningful difference in your life."