John Moos, MD

Psychedelic Healer, Physician, Guide
Los Angeles CA
We are catalysts of change, ushering in a new healing paradigm focused on psychedelic and somatic therapies. At Moos MD, we are creating the conditions for your love and light to shine. We believe that it is time to birth a new paradigm of healing and love and we strongly believe that psychedelics will be at the forefront of pushing this evolution. Medicine wants you to live longer. Moos MD wants you to live fully.
I am a trauma healer and medical doctor. After receiving my M.D. in 2007 from University of California, Davis, I went on to complete my general surgical training at Keck School of Medicine at USC and Los Angeles County Medical Center. Over my career in medicine, I’ve had the distinct privilege of helping and healing those in need for nearly two decades. I’ve been a conduit in the saving of human life, and witness to the compassionate ending of it as well. I've felt both the figurative and literal spilling of blood of people touched by the hands of hate and trauma. Throughout this time, I’ve confronted and endured the greatest challenges of my life, and was gifted the opportunity to face and heal my own trauma. During this initiation, after dedicating my life to the art of medicine, I have been called to put the scalpel down and find a new way to heal. Accepting and surrendering to my suffering, I vowed to carry this wisdom - learned and earned - to better humankind. Throughout my journey, I was able to reclaim my life, find belonging, and live wholeheartedly by optimizing the conditions to thrive. Those conditions are: restoring my integrity, optimizing nourishment, creating opportunities and environments for stillness, getting lost in play, and cultivating community and connection. In healing my soul, I reclaimed my inner abundance and recognized I am perfectly imperfect. This was, and still is, my wholehearted journey of self-healing and personal transformation.
We offer comprehensive and custom treatment programs for individuals, couples, and groups. Please reach out to discuss your treatment options.