John S. Shealy, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Louisville KY
My approach to psychotherapy and life coaching is grounded in a holistic wellness model, the belief that we all carry within us the wisdom and tools needed to be the very best human being possible. And we all need a little help from time to time to connect with these inner resources. From a place of open-hearted curiosity, we can discover how our higher self is being hijacked by past conditioning and current ways of thinking and being in the world. Then with courage, discipline and skilled guidance, we can bring resolution to these issues and put them and their associated anxiety, depression, damaging habits and general dissatisfaction with life behind us. My orientation expands beyond traditional approaches such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to include the more advanced approach of Meta-cognitive Therapy, looking beyond the content of our thoughts to the process of our thinking. This is one of the key skills developed through the mindfulness practices I often share with clients.
John Shealy, PhD, a licensed psychologist in private practice in Louisville, Kentucky, specializes in Integral Psychotherapy & Life Coaching. He earned his Doctorate in Clinical Psychology at the University of South Florida and completed his internship at the Counseling Center for Human Development at USF as well. His final pre-licensing year was invested in working with a variety of clients in an out-patient setting. My evolution as a psychologist has been shaped by comprehensive and on-going clinical training, over 25 years working with a wide variety of psychotherapy clients, and an unusual collection of life experiences. I am reminded often that I am still learning, and do my best to bring my “beginner’s mind” to the process of guiding another person toward their full potential. There are many variables in this fascinating unfolding of interpersonal and transpersonal dynamics and a lot of room for creative and supportive interaction. I am convinced that engaging this work with integrity requires a commitment to deepen both my personal and professional practices. I have learned that only by “doing my own work” can I expect to be truly helpful to those who honor me with their trust. I am encouraged to stay with this challenging process by a growing body of research that points to the therapist’s personal development as the key factor mediating their effectiveness. Regarding my sexual orientation, I feel blessed to be in a long-term marriage to a great woman and am an LGBTQ ally. I welcome the opportunity to support the cultivation of loving relationships in whatever form they take.