Jonathan Psenka, ND

Naturopathic Physician
Scottsdale AZ
I work with clients in a variety of ways. When needed I can use diagnostic tests, such as laboratory and imaging to help find risk factors, or to further define a known problem. I often use diet counseling and specific supplementation to ensure that the body and the mind have the necessary nutrition to perform optimally. When needed I integrate conventional medicine into the treatment plan. I listen, answer questions, and act compassionately.
I've been practicing as a licensed naturopathic physician for 20+ years. Currently practicing at the Chambers Clinic in Arizona. Previously founded, practiced at, and managed Longevity Medical Health Center in Phoenix, Arizona. Main focus of practice is helping people by providing compassionate integrative cancer therapy and chronic disease management. Integrative cancer therapy includes cancer prevention and health optimization, co-treatment with conventional medicine, and prevention of recurrence. Practice also provides attention, acknowledgment, and support for the psychological needs of people fighting cancer and their loved ones. Experienced in IV therapy, targeted supplementation, drug repurposing, and cancer-specific diets. Chronic disease management interests includes neurological conditions, chronic viral conditions, including long COVID, and conditions for which patients have not been able to find help for. Practice also includes general preventative medicine, natural allergy therapeutics, men's health, and the healing power of nature. Certified as a Nature and Forest Therapist by the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy. I've completed a certification course in psychedelic assisted psychotherapy from the Integrative Psychiatry Institute. Have served on several professional boards, taught at the university level, owned and managed a large integrative medical clinic, co-founded an allergy immunotherapy company, published a book, been one-half of a successful marriage, and raised two excellent children.