Joseph Springer, PhD

Licensed Psychologist
Manasquan NJ
I specialize in the treatment of anxiety and related disorders (i.e., Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, Phobias, Social Anxiety Disorder, OCD, PTSD). My practice is limited to adults. My approach is based primarily on CBT and mindfulness approaches such as ACT. I also utilize EMDR when appropriate. I am aware of the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. Unfortunately, most are listed as Schedule I drugs in the US based (in my opinion) on misinformation and fear. Although I will not encourage or assist my clients in taking psychedelics in violation of US law, I am respectful of individuals who have had psychedelic experiences and who want to process what they have learned. I can also discuss legal options for accessing psychedelics which are outside of the United States in order to help clients make informed decisions. I have also worked with several clients who have received ketamine therapy.
I am a licensed psychologist and a university professor. I received my PhD from Temple University and have over 35 years of experience in clinical practice in a wide variety of areas. I presently maintain a limited private practice in addition to my university responsibilities. I became interested in psychedelics as a therapeutic tool approximately ten years ago when I first read about the studies going on at Johns Hopkins and NYU. I have since presented on this topic professionally and have also engaged in my own personal growth experiences which have involved retreats outside of the US as well as Holotropic Breathing.