Journey Psychological Services

New York City NY
Free Consult: 15-20 min Intake appointment: 60-75 min Ongoing Therapy Sessions: 50 min KAP Prep Sessions: 50 min (1+ before dosing) KAP Dosing Sessions: 2-3 hours KAP Integration Sessions: 60 min (1+ after dosing) Psychedelic Integration Therapy Sessions: 60 min Journey Psychological Services and Dr. Kelly McAleer do not prescribe, supply, source, provide access to, or give recommendation to any substances including plant medicines, fungi, prescription medications, and/or illicit substances. Furthermore, we do not in any way encourage the misuse/abuse of any substances. Harm reduction and support services available for those struggling to manage their substance use.
Journey Psychological Services is here to support you on the path to mental wellness. We offer: - Individual and Couples Therapy - Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy (KAP) - Psychedelic Integration Therapy All services fully remote with a licensed psychologist via confidential teletherapy sessions - available in 36 states - check to see if your state is available here: Appointments available for new clients (as of May 2023)
Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy Psychedelic Integration Therapy Couples Options Available Small Groups Available