Juliana Millán Torres, PsyD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist
Rincón Rincón
I provide services through individual and group therapy modalities in order to allow for individual processing and collective community support. Therapy modalities usually incorporate Humanistic Person-Centered and Transpersonal approaches. I have found that a collaborative therapeutic relationship promotes significant healing and transformation. I also participate in community-based collaborations in efforts to increase access to psychedelic support for individuals belonging to diverse cultural/ethnic communities, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
Dr. Juliana Millán Torres is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist based in Rincón, Puerto Rico. She obtained a Doctorate of Clinical Psychology, and Master of Science in Clinical Psychology both from Albizu University - Miami Campus, as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras Campus. Her clinical experiences in various regions of South Florida, Colorado, and Puerto Rico have allowed her to work with individuals from diverse racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds. She enjoys working with people across the lifespan (ages 4+) through individual and group therapy modalities. Dr. Millán Torres has served in private practice, outpatient medical, school, non-profit, and community-based settings. Her interest in psychedelic preparation and integration therapy results from an identified need to support those who wish to obtain psychoeducation, learn harm-reduction strategies, and work through psychedelic experiences in a safe and supportive environment.