Juliana Mulligan, LMSW

Psychotherapist and Ibogaine Treatment Specialist
New York City NY
The space I create with clients is collaborative, empowering, and non-agenda pushing. I value any approach that works for my clients and encourage them to experiment and cultivate ideas in ways that may have often been dismissed by our society. Strengthening self-trust and strategizing new ways to take actionable steps will both be essential in our work. As the therapy process is not linear, all mental, physical, and emotional states are welcome.
I am a psychotherapist and ibogaine treatment specialist, having worked in the ibogaine treatment community for eleven years. I have a Masters in Social Work from NYU and a certificate in Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy from The Center for Optimal Living, where I was the Psychedelic Program Coordinator for three years. I currently run Inner Vision Ibogaine, which supports people in preparation and integration around ibogaine treatment and offers consulting services. I was also recently a consultant for the Kentucky Ibogaine Initiative. I have worked in multiple ibogaine clinics, presented at various psychedelic and harm reduction conferences, and am the author of the Guide to Finding a Safe Ibogaine Clinic and co-author of Fireside’s Warning Signs When Selecting a Psychedelic Facilitator. I have taught about ibogaine at Charite University in Berlin and Southwestern College in New Mexico and have written for multiple publications about ibogaine, including Double Blind Magazine and Chacruna. Most recently, my focus on abuse and ethics in the ibogaine treatment space has led to my survivor advocacy and client support work with The Shine Collective. I am formerly incarcerated and formerly opioid dependent, and in 2011 with the help of ibogaine treatment, I left opioids behind and set off on a path to transform the way drug users and their treatment is approached.