Julian/Julián Cabezas | He/They, LCSW

New York NY
My psychotherapy interventions are founded on relationship building. My clients are diverse but connected by threads of wanting connection, curious about learning about themselves and looking for a place where their gender, sexuality, culture, and relationship orientations are affirmed. I provide traditional psychotherapy, sex therapy, brainspotting, and ketamine-assisted psychotherapy.
Hello, I’m Julian. I am a Psychotherapist and Clinical Supervisor. During the academic year, I am also a Field Instructor for graduate-level social work students in New York City. I’ve been on the other side of the screen; I’ve utilized therapy for over 15 years at different times in my life. I know my own experiences in therapy have literally changed my life trajectory. I believe that people are more than just a diagnosis, so I take time to understand you and not just a list of symptoms. I want to know what about your world. You have made it this far in your life, which takes skills and knowledge, and I hope to help you along your path.
I work with many people; some identify as BIPOC, LGBTQQIP2SAA, kinky, non-monogamous, adult children of alcoholics, spiritual, and allies. I work with individuals, partnerships, couples, and polycules.