Julianna Fultineer, MA, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor, Licensed Psilocybin Facilitator
Ashland OR
I collaborate closely with each client, co-creating a transformative experience tailored to the unique demands of their current moment in life. In addition to conventional "in-office" counseling sessions, I also offer outdoor nature-based experiences to enhance transformative potential.
Julianna is a psychotherapist and guide with over a decade of experience guiding people on journeys through the wild landscapes of the human soul and the awe-inspiring beauty of the natural world. She compassionately leads individuals on transformative journeys, navigating their inner and outer landscapes. Her intimate connection with nature sprouted in the lush forests and winding rivers of what is now known as the Pacific Northwest. These lands became the co-creator for her deepening connection to the natural world, to self-discovery, and to expansive states of consciousness. Prior to entering the field of counseling, Julianna spent over a decade as a professional river guide, living and learning from the wisdom of rivers. A lifelong seeker and learner, Julianna felt called to share the transformative power of inner and outer wilderness with others. This profound calling led her to pursue a Master's degree at Naropa University, where she earned her MA in Clinical Mental Health Counseling with a focus on Transpersonal Wilderness Therapy. Rooted in this foundation, Julianna seamlessly intertwines therapeutic principles with the wisdom of the natural world, offering individuals a heartfelt and experiential approach to self-exploration. Beyond her role as a guide, Julianna's journey includes chapters in theatre and music performance, adding inspiration to help others use creative expression as a vehicle for personal growth. A practitioner of meditation and yoga, she weaves contemplative elements into her work, creating a diverse ecology of experiences for those she guides. Julianna's brings a multifaceted background to her work, underscoring her heartfelt dedication to facilitating transformative journeys.