Julie Freeman, MA, LDN, RYT

Licensed Integrative Nutritionist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
La Jolla CA
Zoom at present, phone on occasion. May resume in-person in the future
I am a licensed integrative nutritionist with graduate education in psychology, counseling and education. Post-graduate concentration has been in functional medicine, with completion and certification in this discipline. I have over 40 years’ experience in the field of nutrition, counseling and health promotion. Additionally, I am certified in Mind-Body Medicine, Yoga and Reiki. I have authored two cookbooks with a focus on balanced meals in book one and healthy, low glycemic desserts and snacks in book two. I have a passion and knack for creating meals that are eye-appealing, delicious and healthy. My third book, Sunflowers, Sapphires and Seraphim, is my personal story of transformation – an opportunity to share and inspire hope for others faced with life’s challenges.
I offer individual sessions, group programs that encompass healthy living, stress and work-life balance