Julie Preston Schilling, LCSW

Arvada CO
Julie uses mindfulness-based, somatic and holistic approaches to helping her clients. Clients learn how to assess and reflect on their emotional, cognitive, behavioral and physical states. This awareness helps them stay in the present, rather than stressing about situations in the past or coming up in the future. Julie also encourages clients to revisit their attachment history, including how they were raised by their caregivers. Using this knowledge, Julie collaborates with her clients to make solution-focused, and somatically aware plans for healthy change that can lead to greater connection with others, and inner peace.
Hi, I'm Julie! I am a believer in the power of connection. Sometimes we feel that we are alone in our emotions, challenges and tough times. I’m here to offer you the understanding and space needed to be truly and genuinely seen and understood. I have a deep belief that somewhere inside you are the solutions to what is hard right now. I create a safe, non-judgemental space in which to pay attention to the sensations of the present moment, be curious about what these bring to you, and unfold your inner wisdom. Together we will work on breaking down old patterns and stories about self, past, and others, to grow new pathways. If you are ready to grow, I can help you find balance, and a sense of sustainable, inner healing, moving towards living your very best life. My work is eclectic in that it draws from several different treatment modalities.
Individual therapy sessions, Ketamine preparation, journey and integration sessions.