Julio Iniguez, LMFT

Mental Health & Addictions Therapist
Portland OR
All of our work places your experience in our cultural and historical context. We explore how the forces of patriarchy, capitalism, racism, sexism, ableism, homophobia, colonization, classism, and other systems of oppression affect and directly impact your sense of self, your relationships, and your communities. We are working within systems of oppression and between layers of conditioning that are deep-seated in our culture. These cultural and political structures influence how we see and experience the world. They have been used against us, by us, and through us. Developing an awareness and a critical consciousness can begin to help us untangle from these oppressive forces and forge a liberation based lifestyle.
I have been in the mental health and addictions field since 2014 when I completed a Master’s degree in Marriage, Couple and Family Therapy from Lewis & Clark College. I also hold a Bachelors degree from the University of California, Irvine in Cognitive Psychology. I have held multiple positions in the field including direct service counseling in agencies, program development and management, as well as clinical supervision of direct counseling staff. I bring a systemic, culturally-informed, and trauma-informed perspective to the services I provide as a therapist, clinical supervisor and program administrator. I have been working in the Problem Gambling field since 2013 and focus on working with couples, individuals, and the Latinx community.