Justin Dentry, MS, LPC, CHT

Licensed Professional Counselor
Denver CO
My style is warm, yet direct and authentic. The flow of my sessions tends to be intuitive and never predetermined. I work in a private practice setting with adults. I also work in conjunction with several prescribers to provide ketamine assisted psychotherapy (KAP). All of my work is conducted with an attitude of loving presence and is grounded in the Hakomi principles of mindfulness, unity (amongst internal parts as well as with other people), organicity (a system’s innate propensity towards healing), non-violence (never pushing an agenda) and, mind-body integration. At times I find myself coaching clients with mindfulness and/or spiritual practices. But always I work with clients from a somatic and in-the-moment experiential paradigm. In this work often parts of self will arise and be explored or healed. Often, when trauma is present, working with regulating the nervous system becomes an important part of the work. Exploring numbing behaviors and other habitual coping styles frequently emerges as a necessary component of experiential psychotherapy. I facilitate 3 hour, low and medium dose “psycholytic” KAP. This gives plenty of time for intention setting, ketamine journeying, somatic work, processing emotions and trauma, and initiating the all-important integration phase. Another joy of mine is to assist clients in the preparation for, and integration of, their personal ceremonial journeys. Feel free to reach out to me for a free consultation or if you just have questions about anything.
I am eternally grateful for, and stand in awe, of the healing I have personally experienced through counseling, mindfulness practices, ayahuasca ceremony and, ketamine assisted psychotherapy. But, like many of us, I came from an atheist family that believed only in science, so I am deeply interested in the intersection of spiritual and emotional healing. I have been committed to helping clients heal and find meaning through depth psychotherapy and my formal education in psychology and counseling were only the start of that journey. After a particularly traumatic life event I found healing in Buddhist psychology and mindfulness practices. Mindfulness practice, counseling, yoga, and nature literally saved my life. I discovered somatic psychotherapy as a way of delving deeply into the psyche and souls of human beings and I became certified in Hakomi Therapy. Around that same time I began sitting with a Columbian Taita (shaman) trained in the Kofan tradition of Yage' (Ayahuasca) ceremonies. I also became certified in EMDR and began working with trauma survivors while working in the criminal justice system. Now, as a therapist in private practice in Denver, I feel so privileged to accompany my clients on their journeys inward as they find healing. Part of that healing work includes facilitating ketamine assisted psychotherapy which is deeply profound. I also do extensive integration work with clients who are working with various medicines. My fascination with the unconscious mind, the mind-body connection, spirituality, and transformational healing has led me to my current training with the Congregation for Sacred Practices in San Francisco.