Karen Baker, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
San Francisco CA
Whether focused on a traditional therapeutic goal or psychedelic ceremonial experiences, a typical session involves talk, in addition to somatic and / or creative exercises. Somatic and creative exercises allow us to drop below the conscious mind (default-mode network), and access the deeper parts of ourselves to weave real, lasting change. These exercises, which are tailored to your preferences and needs, are always offered as options and not requirements.
Prior to becoming a therapist, I worked with foster children in residential care facilities, adolescents in substance abuse facilities, and adult female-identified victims of domestic violence. Over the past two decades, I’ve continued to be humbled by the resilience, perseverance, and creativity that we all have to not only survive, but to thrive. Navigating my own intersectionalities has led me to pay close attention to others’ experiences with privilege and marginalization. In our work, I invite open dialogue about issues related to race / ethnicity, gender, sexuality, and social status as these are so often considered taboo. While I may or may not have similar lived-experiences to you around these aspects of identity, I will hold curiosity for us to both deepen into a greater understanding of them. In my own personal journey, I have and continue to explore myself deeply through yoga, meditation, bodywork, psychotherapy, and non-ordinary states of consciousness. I am dedicated to my own continued exploration and growth, personally and professionally, which I view as an unending process.
Women's integration Circle https://pacificholistictherapy.com/womens-entheogenic-integration-circle-group-hawaii/