Karen Stewart, LCSW

Integration & Ketamine-Assisted Psychotherapy Therapist
Santa Barbara CA
I am currently seeing clients virtually for preparation, including harm-reduction, and integration sessions regarding psychedelic and non-ordinary reality experiences. I also offer virtual ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. A psychedelic journey can be life-changing. We can prepare for and integrate these experiences in a fully supported way. Let’s take the transcendental and make it practical, integrating the wisdom received with the challenge of daily living. I don’t know what a person needs, I don’t have any idea what is in store for them. What I know is their inner healer knows exactly what they need and my job is to honor that! I offer support, compassion, presence, non-judgment, reassurance, curiosity, and safety. I especially enjoy working with those committed to personal growth and collective responsibility, as I believe we are all interconnected, and thus so is our healing. I would love to connect with you for a free 20-minute consultation.
As a mental health psycho-social support specialist, I have 30-plus years of experience in a wide variety of settings, from community mental health to hospital psychiatric emergency. For 10 years, I served as a mental health specialist for Doctors Without Borders throughout Asia and Africa. I am also a certified meditation teacher, in long-term recovery from drugs/alcohol, and an experienced psychonaut. As I identify as queer, I prioritize creating safer LGBTQIA+ spaces. My goal is to offer professional support, an experienced ear, and an open heart to those ready to reimagine their lives.