Karine Bertrand, MPs

Senior Psychologist
Montreal QC
Given my own experiences with meditation, suffering and transformation, my passion lies in supporting individuals through non ordinary states of consciousness where non ordinary states include : psychedelics, meditation, breathwork, but also trauma, giving birth, our dreams, identity formation and desolation, travel, and shape shifting. I walk alongside individuals that want to look into these non ordinary states and I support them to find beauty and joy from within these experiences and within themselves. Ultimately, my work aims to support people who want to bring their dark side into the light and who want to take charge of their own suffering.
My life’s work has been about empowering individuals that suffer. Whether it be supporting individuals that have experienced trauma, or struggle with their identity, this work has been about being a witness and a guide to individuals transforming from one form of being into another. I have been practicing over twelve years as a Psychologist and over the last 6 years as a Midwife. To me, human life is the greatest gift and it is with gratitude and respect that I help midwife the human soul.