Kate Kincaid, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Tucson AZ
My approach is to address the core negative self-beliefs (often established in early childhood) and nervous system patterns that adversely impact us and strain our relationships with self and others. I believe that if everyone was given an accepting and nonjudgmental space, they can gain the courage to remember their own inherent worth, reclaim their wisdom and empower themselves. I like to take an eclectic, collaborative approach with clients.
Hi my name is Kate (she/her) and I am a queer, non-monogamous, mother and mental health therapist. I run a private practice in Tucson, AZ called Tucson Counseling Associates and I'm opening a clinic in Salt Lake City, UT that specializes in accessible therapy for LGBTQIA+, ethically non-monogamous people, psychedelic integration services and ketamine assisted psychotherapy. My therapeutic style is informed by intersectional feminism and social justice, seeking to collectively dismantle systems of violence and oppression. I believe much of the dis-ease in our lives is rooted in a normal response to a broken system that is then pathologized and stigmatized. In my practice, I try to name the systems under which we are all operating, how they impact us and how we might impact them. I am passionate about psychedelic assisted therapy and views these medicines as sacred tools that can help us gain new insights into ourselves, the world around us and generate a future where we are all free.
Individual and group Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy