Katerina Philbrick, LPCA

Mental Health Counselor
Guilford CT
I enjoy offering experiential therapeutic experiences to my clients, whether that be walk/talk therapy on a trail, offering psychoeducation in the form of videos, books or through homework, or inviting clients to actively contribute towards their treatment goals and plans. I know that some clients can learn better by doing, and through becoming an active participant in their own therapy. I also engage with compassion and empathy, and acceptance - always.
I have always been curious about the world. And always been non-traditional. As a youngster, my passion was (and still is!) Nature and animals. It was a forgone conclusion that I would study biology - And I did. I achieved a BS in biology from UConn, as a non-traditional student, but on my way to applying to a science PhD program, I got sidetracked by a job at the Yale School of Medicine. Thus I began a career in science making transgenic constructs for human disease models (not nearly as glamorous as it sounds!). Eventually I left the bench and shifted to being a lab manager for a large cancer lab. But none of that was exactly what I had in mind for myself. Fast forward many years later: severely burnt out, depressed, and a shell of my real self - I abruptly left Yale and pursued another big interest I had been nurturing all along - the Mind and Mental Health. I entered and completed a masters in clinical mental health counseling at New England College, and began building a private practice, focusing on childhood and complex trauma. My education is far from over - I indulge in a variety of training courses almost constantly - my curiosity and love of learning will be with me always. My clinical interests and well as my own passions have informed my education and clinical practice. My interest in complex trauma, and the inherent problem of treatment resistance that often tends to accompany it, led me to exploring the benefits of psychedelic-assisted therapy. The potential is has for helping to process and heal those traumas is heartening, and the benefit it can have for other issues is extremely promising.
I offer Nature Intensives for Trauma. This is a customized treatment modality which integrates Nature Therapy as a tool to help process and heal from complex trauma. The program is individually tailored to physical ability, and the length of time. In its simplest form, Nature Therapy can be integrated with standard therapy sessions. For more immersive experiences, clients can chose from a 2 hour experience to multiple days-long immersions at various locations in New England. My goal is to eventually offer a combined Ketamine and Nature treatment experience. I am excited to offer Psychedelic-assisted therapy in a safe and welcoming environment. Psychedelic integration is also available for clients accessing Ketamine in a clinic setting.