Katherine Coder, PhD, LPCC

Boulder CO
I work with clients in an intuitive, attachment attuned and trauma focused manner. I like to read into the deeper soul movements of my clients to feel into what is wanting to be born anew. I use the lenses of attachment, trauma/nervous system dysregulation, and a client’s spiritual path as part of their treatment. Much of what we are working in therapy has to do with relationships — relationship to family, relationship to friends, relationship to self, relationship to our thoughts, relationship to our emotions, relationship to our body, relationship to our soul, and relationship to Spirit. These relationships are interwoven and can sometimes be in conflict or aspects of these relationships need attention. My counseling offers explorations into all of these dynamics.
What’s made the most sense to me throughout my life has been community, spiritual growth and development and healing. I’ve traveled the world widely and with curiosity wanting to understanding how we humans do life and searching for deeper and deeper truth. Many years ago, these yearnings led me to Haiti as a Peace Corps Volunteer and then to meeting Malidoma Some, who has become a beloved teacher and eventually to earth-based spiritual and healing practices of all kinds, visionary plant medicine included. I studied transpersonally-focused clinical psychology and received my doctorate in 2011. I’ve always been in the business of melding and weaving these threads of healing, spiritual awakening and culture. I was guided to move to Miami where I built a private practice based on transpersonal counseling, spiritual guidance, women’s work, community and ritual. I’ve been blessed to have much richness around me. In 2017 I became a mother and have been exploring motherhood intensely since then. I’ve understood how important healing trauma is as most of us are deeply traumatized either by our upbringings, our cultures, planetary degradation, or incredible hardships. I’ve made a special focus in the last few years to immerse myself in the world of somatic based trauma healing to bring those skills of nervous system regulation into my work. I am the author of After the Ceremony Ends, a guidebook for plant medicine integration. It is available on Amazon and other places in print and digital formats.
OINOS Temple Initiation: Small group elemental medicine ceremonial immersion