Kathleen Dunbar, LMFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, Certified Hakomi Therapist
San Francisco CA
I am dedicated to helping you find, support and be alive in whatever you are passionate about bringing forth in your life. Each time we meet I'll help you take with you: a felt sense, practiced-in-session connection with your Wise Self that will not only sustain you, but surprise you, enliven you and which you will use to build on and deepen into. Finding the right therapist is an important decision. Your journey is an important one. I offer you a down-to-earth palette which is kind, practical, creative, experienced, and works. You are a delight! Reach out and call. The consultation is free. I look forward to speaking with you.
I am a psychotherapist and supervisor with a huge palette of tools and a creative and creativity-inspiring soul. I’m also a performer and singer-songwriter with four albums, a writer, poet, artist and photographer. I know the thrill of expression and also what we must face in ourselves in order to truly express. I have twenty five years’ experience helping people integrate big experiences of all kinds. I came to this work from having powerful insights and big experiences through shamanic practices and intuitive processes. I am a woman who loves and spreads the village life. I feel deeply connected with people and nature. I sing because I am made to sing. I offer myself as a healer because that is my path. That is how I came to this work of healing. I've learned transformation, respect and love from the inside-out. What I know in my bones and heart I offer to you.