Kathleen Smigels, MA, LPC, NCC

Licensed Professional Counselor and Addiction Specialist
Royal Oak MI
I work with clients as unique humans, who require a therapeutic approach based on the individual. I am a pathfinder to those seeking multiple pathways of recovery from trauma, substances, relationships, chronic illness, cancer, life transitions, physical/emotional abuse, and all the other things we seek to recover and heal through.
My own recovery began at the age of twenty, where I began creating a journey through multiple pathways to recover. I have abstained from and/or monitored use of various substances/behaviors throughout my adult life. Self-awareness and mindful living became my strengths while sharing my truth…my story. I learned how to express my values, beliefs, joys, fears, pain, and loss; and others gifted me with listening – and I listened, to thousands of people’s stories…thousands. My continuous education and research about substance use began in high school; the causes, conditions, and consequences versus benefits. Sitting in libraries, clipping newspaper stories of tragedies, creating poster boards, all involving drugs or alcohol use. Continually writing my personal experiences with substance use, relationships, dreams, and recovery. All of it came together when I was called to be a licensed professional specializing in addiction and recovery. In 2015 I was headed to law school (I was a paralegal for 25+ years); instead, I was brought to a different pathway and obtained a Master of Art in clinical mental health, and graduate certificate specializing in alcohol and drug use. Now, I own Free Living Recovery, LLC, a state licensed substance use program, and counseling center, where my passion is supporting people in their own self-directed recovery journey. I am involved in numerous advocacy groups around the world, supporting multiple pathways, alternative treatment approaches, psychedelic treatment integration therapy, medication assisted treatment, and harm reduction. I continue to be a seeker and reduce the pain in the world with compassion, an open mind, and acceptance.
State Licensed Substance Abuse Program-Michigan Individual/Group Counseling Holistic Offerings in-house Therapeutic/Attorney Relationships