Kathryn LaRoe, LCSW

Integrative PTSD/Trauma Therapist and Psychedelic Preparation/Integration Specialist
San Diego CA
I work with clients virtually, meeting them over video to get to know them and establish a trusting relationship. From there, we co-create goals and a path way to achieve those intentional goals. I meet with my clients weekly initially and titrate down as clients establish habit and behaviors that help them gain confidence in their overall approach to life, spirituality, and relationships (to self and others.)
Kathryn LaRoe, (Katie) is a licensed therapist, graduating from USC with her Masters in Social Work with a focus on military and mental health. She is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional II, Certified Mental Health Integrative Medicine Provider, and Psychedelic preparation/integration specialist. Katie unitizes integrative techniques to address the consciousness of trauma. She has worked with extensively with Veterans and specifically Special Operations men and woman since 2008 in the plant medicine space. She enjoys a heavy focus on preparation for states of expanded consciousness, utilizing modalities that address the needs of the mind, body, soul, and subtle energy. Katie works in depth with the shadow aspects of humanity, finding the grace and abundance in the lessons and teachings their internal wisdom. Katie has worked with states of expanded consciousness for over 20 years. She has witnessed and personally experienced the healing capacity of plant medicines, breathwork, meditation, and present moment focus for the mind, body, soul, and energetic field. Katie has a deep appreciation for her teachers who shared with her their wisdom and rites of passage of yogic, Native American, Shipibo, and Bwiti traditions. The wisdom experienced along the way has empowered her own internal healer and aided in the wisdom of navigating the various realms of the psyche for trauma resolution. Kathryn lives in Southern California with her husband, Michael (Punky), and mastiff, Hank. She enjoys hiking, singing, meditation, breathwork, and present moment focus.