Kathryn Shelton, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Los Angeles CA
Helping people heal and return to a state of wellbeing, or maybe get there for the first time, is 100% my calling. I have an integrative approach to therapy. This means is that I draw on principals from different therapeutic orientations and 20 plus years of being a therapist (and being on the other side of the couch!) to find what is best suited for you. It is my priority is to create emotional safety so that we can explore your internal world, how you move through life and how you relate to others. I am excited to also offer Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy(KAP). KAP allows for heart and mind opening experience with lowered defenses promoting new ways of seeing yourself, your purpose in life and relation to others. I also offer Psychedelic Integration. The use of psychedelics can be a powerful experience worthy of exploration with a trained therapist. I will work with you to understand the insights and downloads received through your independent experiences with plant medicine.
Not a day goes by where I don't think of how much I adore and respect my clients. It takes courage to show up weekly and allow me into your most private inner world. It's truly an honor. I want to hear the story of you. I want to hear all of your feelings, thoughts and experiences. No topic is off limits and I believe the antidote to shame is sharing. www.KathrynShelton.com