Katie Short, MS, LPC

Licensed Professional Counselor
North Little Rock AR
Katie has a special interest in Jungian Psychology and incorporates body-based approaches to support exploration of internal material and/or mystical experiences. She works equally well with those who identify as atheists and those with a spiritual or metaphysical worldview. She also uses meditation techniques, somatic interventions, and cognitive aspects as therapy tools that help individuals process non-ordinary states of consciousness experiences. Katie has been a healer since 2010 keeping focus on the goal of guiding individuals in creating wholeness where one discovers core beliefs, reactions, and patterns that are not in-line with ones values, passions, and personal truth.
Psychedelic experiences can be profound to the experiencer but can at times leave one feeling dysregulated. This can be uncomfortable and distressing. It is also important not to ignore or minimize potential dangers of psychedelic use. But with adequate support in preparation and integration on a psychological, emotional, and/or spiritual level, psychedelics can provide the experiencer with a transformative experience. As humans, we each possess an innate healing intelligence and wise inner teachers that can offer us meaningful insight. Unfortunately, when we meet ourselves at the deepest levels, we are often unsure how to implement what we have experienced into our daily lives for positive, lasting change and well-being. Integration does not have to be done alone. You deserve a supportive integration specialist that can help you find meaning, explore themes that come up, manage emotional content, and create the change you have been seeking for yourself and your relationships. Katie spends her free training aerials, AcroYoga, spinning fire, camping with friends, hiking, mountain biking, reading, puzzles, and playing music.