Katy Becker, LCSW, RYT

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Glastonbury CT
I find people seek help because of their tentative relationship to themselves, to others, and to the natural world and beyond. Anxiety and depression start with the disconnection to self, i.e., a part of a person wants to stop a behavior, like an addiction, and another part of them feels they cannot; or a part wants to enjoy life, but another part of themselves is anxious. I guide people to identify and acknowledge their exiled feelings, thoughts, and body sensations to help them process past trauma, manage present day life, and embody the strength and resilience within themselves to manage future problems. Psychedelics and meditation let the activity of the default mode network suspend essentially extinguishing looping thoughts and reactions, so a person can see from new vantage points. Integration involves identifying these new insights; implementing them into one’s life, and intercepting triggers that feed the cycle of the default mode. For some, the difficult aspects of a psychedelic experience can be treated like a trauma and EMDR and other therapies can help a person move through the tough stuff and reframe the experience. First and foremost, I provide an open, accepting and non-judgmental space. I have years of training, but human connection comes first. I offer homework that helps familiarize with you with your inner world, manage your triggers and provide self-soothing techniques. I have lived a rich life of trials, tribulations, trauma and love. I’ve practiced TM for 40 years and the other limbs of yoga for 25 years, while also studying many religions and spiritual practices. I have been married for 27 years and raised three amazing daughters, and am a mom to two dogs, Franky and Johnnie.
Katy Becker is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, an EMDRIA Approved Consultant in EMDR Therapy, and a Registered Yoga Teacher. Katy’s focus is in the treatment of addiction, anxiety disorders, PTSD, depression and trauma. Katy is a MAPS MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapist in-training, and is trained in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. Katy is a facilitator at Atman Retreat in Jamaica which hosts legal psilocybin retreats. Katy’s training also includes Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and a year long training in dissociation. She has worked in community mental health and substance abuse and in hospice care. Katy has facilitated a variety of therapy groups including Relapse Prevention, Anger Management, Co-Occurring disorders, and Intimate Partner Violence group. Her primary practice currently is with individuals and couples. Katy has presented nationally and internationally on the treatment of substance and behavioral addiction disorders.