Keith Fiveson, MDiv, CARC, PATP

IPI/MAPS Certified/Trained - Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Provider, Coach & Guide
Port Washington NY
I am trained in techniques like breathwork, MBSR, CBT, somatics, and BLAST. Our technology aims to activate your vagal tone, aiding psychedelic therapy preparation and integration. We also offer salt cave sessions, focused on breathwork and integrative health to reduce stress and improve well-being.
As a certified psychedelic therapy provider, I work with clients aged 25 and up, guiding them through plant medicine journeys. Our work is rooted in spiritual healing and inner science, using breathwork, light and sound therapy, and metaphor. With ongoing support, we can connect in person or virtually to help you understand your mindset, set goals, and plan action steps.
I don't provide direct access to psychedelics, but as a preparation and integration therapist, I guide you through understanding their transformative power. My work involves four mindset sessions focusing on intentions, a four-hour sitting session, and four integration sessions to help activate your life goals and narratives.