Keith Fiveson, MDiv, CARC, PATP

Psychedelic Assisted Therapy Coach & Guide
Port Washington NY
My clients fill out a questionnaire to begin the preparation. We approach the use of plant medicine and psychedelics as a serious undertaking. One with spiritual healing and inner science guided by intention, attuning, and understanding. I help you prepare for your journey, integrate your journey, to activate changes in your life. My coaching method uses breathwork, sound and light therapy and metaphor. We look to uncover and understand the challenges that you may be facing. We can meet in person or virtually via Zoom, FaceTime, etc. I also connect via text and messaging. I am here to help you understand your mindset, set clear goals, and develop a plan of action to help you achieve your desired results.
I am a white CIS-gender male in my sixth decade. I have been on many a hero's journey. I am a lifelong learner, an aspirant who has consulted, coached, counseled, and sat with elders, men, and women. I am interfaith, believing in the power of the universe. This positive and negative energy flows through us all and acts as a trusted guide to help you find presence and authenticity as you go on your self-discovery journey. I help you plan your trip to transcend, be safe, and return to bring your learnings and realizations. I help individuals stay true to their intention and work through their experiences to integrate, embody and activate new realities and stories. I am an experienced coach, guide, and support with psychedelics. I am highly skilled at guiding clients through complex or challenging states of consciousness to reach a place of peace, self-acceptance, and inner harmony.
I use a combination of therapeutic approaches, including breathwork, MBSR,, CBT, Somatics, and Breath, Light, and Attuned Sound Therapy (BLAST), Our technology facilitates transpersonal states of consciousness that you might otherwise enjoy through meditation training and entheogenic use. We help you activate vagal tone by engaging a biometric feedback loop between your voice, body, and breath. The BLAST methodology supports psychedelic therapy as a preparation and integration tool. Toning the vagus nerve enables you to access higher levels of non-ordinary states of consciousness. We also use a salt cave for sessions. Salt caves have been used for centuries to provide a calming, healing environment. These sessions reduce stress, improve overall health and well-being, and help people connect with their inner wisdom, which can be felt almost immediately. We focus on breathwork and integrative health and wellness. I do not provide administration or direct access to psychedelics, plant medicines, or entheogens. We work with a network of providers. I am a preparation and integration therapist who guides you to better understand the transformative power of psychedelics. I can help you on your ongoing journey of self-discovery. I work with clients looking to prepare to ascend and transform their stress, anxiety, or trauma and work on activating change in their lives. I can help you unlock your potential and connect more deeply with your purpose and the fundamental things that make up your life. My work includes four mindset sessions that focus on your intentions. I also provide a four-hour sitting session with you at an agreed-upon location (the setting), followed by four integration sessions to help you activate and embody your life goals, vision, and narratives.