Keli Yerger, LMFT, CST

Relationship & Sex Therapist / Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist
Loveland CO
I believe that self-awareness is a key to personal growth, and therefore helping us to experience more fulfilling relationships. Exploring the inner landscape in the safety of another person can be instrumental to the healing process, and my intention is to offer deep presence to the people I am with.
Hi, my name is Keli and I live in Colorado close to the Rocky Mountains with my husband and three cats. I am originally from Austin, Texas, and while I live there for the majority of my life, I have also lived in Idaho and Iowa. I enjoy traveling and learning about other people, other cultures, other lands. My lineage is primarily Irish and I consistently engage in learning more about my heritage, along with experiencing traditional, indigenous practices. Exploring nature through hiking and other outdoor activities is a central self-care practice for me, which enriches my life. I also love meditation, yoga, sound healing, and dance!
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