Kelly Breen, MAPS

Melbourne VIC
I provide support via telehealth and walk-and-talk therapy in Brisbane
Kelly is a compassionate and open-minded therapist with an integrative approach to therapy. She utilizes evidence-based modalities like EMDR, Schema, psychodynamic, iIFS, Mindfulness, and ACT. Kelly’s a yoga teacher, she weaves these practices along with somatic work into therapy. Kelly has extensive experience working with those impacted by trauma, addiction, self-harm, and personality difficulties. Kelly also helps people navigate the challenges associated with relationships, life transitions, depression, and anxiety. With training in bad trip integration and psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy, she offers psychedelic integration and psychedelic preparation. When she takes off her psychologist hat, you will find her out in the wild, listening to music, tending to her plants, and doing yoga.
Psychedelic preparation Psychedelic integration