Kelly Stone, BSc, RTC, C-IAYT, MPCC

Registered Professional Counsellor, Master Practitioner in Clinical Counselling, Certified Psychedelic Therapy Provider, Yoga Therapist
Lake Country BC
When working with trauma one generally needs a multidimensional approach. Many traditional approaches offer part of the therapy that supports people who have experienced trauma and help work through the process. For example, talk therapy or physiotherapy. While these therapies can help us understand our experience in a cognitive or physiological way, integrating yoga therapy can help to reshape our physical, mental, and emotional response to triggers on all levels of our being. Addressing all aspects of our being is important for healing. When we work with all parts of our self, we discover unique approaches that are essential to our personal healing. In my therapeutic practice, I have found this combination to be extremely effective for those suffering with trauma based issues. The samskaras, or patterns, through in the body, breath, mind, and heart can be worked with to shift overactive reactions to triggers. This means, in my experience, that all trauma survivors can greatly benefit from a body-based approach to shift these patterns. Those healing from injury can benefit from the addition of spiritual or contemplative approach. This can be movement, shapes, various breath practices or other body awareness approaches like meditation or mantra. We can combine techniques to create a holistic approach when healing psychological (mental or emotional), physical (injury or surgery) and spiritual triggers.
“Many of the people I work with say that they have tried everything, they have lost hope and have been told by others to just get over it and carry on. These are my favourite people to work with because in a short time, we discover the part of the puzzle they have been missing. That is why I get so excited and passionate about the work I do. It touches people in an ancient and tribal way. Counselling Therapy in combination with Yoga Therapy allows thousand-year-old teaching, remedy and communication into our modern world, and complements western psychology and medicine. We are blessed to have the advances of science and I have studied them well, however, for those that are missing something… a connection to the healing wisdom of our ancestry might be the one thing that can change and improve their lives. For thousands of years all over the world people gathered together to dance, sing, move, eat and connect. In our western world, an individual lifestyle is the sought after and a prized possession. Many inherently know that something is missing. Cardiovascular Disease kills more than 18 million people a year. People are dying of a broken heart. Did you know that the simple practice of controlling the breath can improve the immune system, reduce the biochemistry of stress and trigger the rest, digest, restore, recover and healing response in the body? Imagine how you will feel with a practice specifically designed for you and your needs… Move your body, change your mind, love your life.” ~Kelly
I offer individual sessions or couples sessions.