Kelsey Bennett, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Williamsville NY
My approach entails a trauma-informed lens, which prioritizes and integrates safety, collaboration, choice, empowerment, and trustworthiness. My practice integrates Buddhist philosophies and taking a "curious approach" to whatever presents in session.
I’m a therapist who started her career with a bachelor's degree in psychology. I focused on behavioral neuroscience as I was, and remain, interested in how the brain impacts peoples' behaviors and relationships. One day, sitting in the neuroscience lab, a colleague sat down next to me and started talking about some of their problems. I said to myself "wow, I wish I could just listen and help people like this the rest of my life..." Lucky for me, this was a career option... I subsequently attained my master's in social work. However, I realized during my work with clients that simply talking through things was not truly resolving the majority of their ailments. Therefore, I sought answers through special training, research, and further education. I now use a unique, integrated approach to help clients get to the root of what is causing their dysfunction and walk with them along the journey to greater peace, confidence, and satisfaction.
Ongoing integration work Individual Trauma therapy