Kevin Barrett, LCSW

Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Chicago IL
My work is predominantly informed by relational theory – believing that most of the time things go wrong in life due to problems in our relationships with others. In short, when we feel connected to the people who are important to us, other things in life tend to run more smoothly. A supportive therapeutic relationship can be a place to explore how unconscious patterns of relating to others are contributing to the problems you are experiencing. I approach psychedelic integration in the same way I approach my other therapeutic work - from a place of open curiosity and support helping the client to make meaning of their experience and pursue the goals they have for psychedelic exploration.
I am a psychotherapist and Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Chicago with specialty training and experience in working with LGBTQ individuals, anxiety and depression, and those who would like a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. I work with people who are preparing for psychedelic journeys as well as those looking to integrate experiences they have already had. I am also licensed in Oregon and can see Oregon clients via telehealth.