Kiesha Collins, MA, LPC, CMHC

Licensed Professional Counselor
Salt Lake City UT
I utilize a variety of different methods when working with clients such as incorporating creative processes that can be helpful when words feel limiting, trauma-focused interventions, somatic strategies that connect mind and body, EMDR, and IFS/ parts work. Each session is tailored uniquely in order to meet the differing needs of each and every client. *Sessions are offered one on one via a telehealth format for anyone in the Colorado and Utah areas* All you need for our telehealth session is a device that has both audio & video, Wifi, a quiet space, and a willingness to dive deeper into you.
From an early age, I was always interested in the mystical and the mysterious. Perhaps it's an element of our humanity to hold curiosity towards the unseen and unknown. I've been lucky in my life to have had parents that allowed me to question the world I was raised in versus placing rigid expectations upon me. It was with this flexibility that I was able to safely endeavor into my own personal work with various modalities of healing. Whether it was from living out of my backpack and soaking up the restorative properties from being in nature, to traveling around the world and working with Healers of various backgrounds. There is no definitive method when it comes to soothing the wounds of our soul. Rather, we must rely upon our intuition and seek out what 'feels' right for ourselves. It is my belief that each person already carries the wisdom and knowledge within themselves, but may need some support in learning how to trust in those internal whispers. As a licensed therapist and a helper, it is an honor for me to have the opportunity to work in a field that invites curiosity, compassion, and the ability to hold space in order to bare witness to the alchemizing effects of the healing process.