Kiki Pineiro, LCMHC-A

Raleigh NC
I help clients understand their values, beliefs, and self worth. My holistic approach recognizes the interconnectedness of our emotional, mental, physical, & spiritual bodies. I welcome spiritually inclined people who wish to deepen their connection with Self/inner wisdom & Source (please use whatever term resonates with you). In your initial session we will explore your current well being across the physical, psychological, emotional, social, & spiritual areas of your life. We will also set intentions for our work together and create goals unique to you.
I entered the counseling field in an effort to destigmatize mental health conditions and normalize seeking therapy. As a Caribbean American who grew up in a military family, I often relocated both within the US and abroad. My exposure to different cultures and appreciation of people from different backgrounds has instilled in me the importance of equity and inclusion. I use my experience in military culture and as a BIPOC woman to advocate for these communities.