Kim Dawson, PhD

Victoria BC
I provide Psychedelic Integration Therapy for adults seeking: * to understand past challenging experience(s) under the influence of psychedelics * to explore new insights lingering after a psychedelic journey * help with parenting teens who are using psychedelics Through conversation, listening, breath-work, creativity, dream-work, safe touch, and interaction with a friendly dog, I open a collaborative space to deepen awareness of who and what we are and where we wish to go in life. These activities involve digging into the meaning of being a human alive in this world right now. I prompt clients to explore options for finding ways through difficult experiences that are challenging us to reinvent who we are. I deeply respect each clients' choice to open themselves up to new and potentially traumatic territory. With that heartfelt respect, I usually begin by helping clients build resources and identify sources of strength needed to get through any storm. I strongly value clients' self-determination to move (or not move) wherever they might feel tentative, terrified, or enthusiastic. I am here to support clients' efforts to dig for insights that could carry the promise of change for the rest of their lives.
With a background of recreational use of psychedelics in my youth, now moving into my third decade of clinical psychology practice, I recently decided to learn more about the risks and therapeutic effects of psychedelics (for example, Cannabis, Psilocybin, and Ketamine). With the decision to include psychedelic integration therapy in my clinical practice, I completed training in psychedelic-assisted therapy with Therapsil and Numinus. I am a clinical psychologist in Victoria, British Columbia, with over two decades of experience supporting children, youth, and adults in the process of healing mental and emotional health conditions. To avoid confusion for those who feel the gender of their therapist is important, I use he/him pronouns. My practice is informed by formal training in Neuroscience, Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Emotion-Focused Therapy, Body-Focused Therapy, Animal-assisted Therapy, and most recently, Psychedelic Integration Therapy. Over several decades of practice and training, I bring personal experience with Transcendental Meditation, Tai Chi, Mindfulness, and Holotropic Breathwork to my practice. I attempt to embody these practices in the form of a holistic healing approach rooted in Eastern practices and confirmed by Western science. As a devoted animal-lover who loves to hike with his partner and two wonderful dogs, my partner and I co-founded the Warm Hearts Pet Safe Havens Association, a registered Canadian charity devoted to helping British Columbia transition houses provide shelter for pets belonging to survivors of domestic violence. Because I feel strongly that pets have suffered alongside those who are experiencing violence, I donate a portion of my business income to Warm Hearts Pet Safe Havens.
Individual therapy for adolescents, adults, and elders Family therapy for parents and adolescents