Kiri Maura McCart, APCC

Associate Professional Clinical Counselor
Oakland CA
I bring my humanness, curiosity, magical wonder, and sense of humor to the therapeutic space. You'll find a welcoming and warm space where you can be your authentic self, creating room to process difficult experiences and emotions. I pair this with nourishing and uplifting techniques that focus on your resiliency and strengths. In sessions, I offer practices and exercises meant to provoke your innate curiosity about yourself. I find this to be a much more gentle and compassionate approach to self-inquiry, rather than focusing on “what’s wrong with you.” When we inquire within with compassion and kindness, we are able to create more spaciousness around the parts of you that are locked away, hidden, or repressed. We bring these exiled parts of you into your conscious awareness and embrace them with understanding, curiosity, and kindness. I consider Loving Kindness to be the key ingredient to effective therapy and self-healing.
I'm Kiri Maura, a Bay Area native residing in Marin County, CA. My adventurous, creative, and curious spirit has taken me all over the world exploring different cultures, plant medicines, and spiritual practices. Buddhism is my bedrock and my meditation seat is my spiritual home. In my free time I love to garden, hike, travel, and make ceramics. I have worked with many plant medicines and hold them dear to my heart. I am a biracial, bisexual woman with a blended mixed-race family. I love and embrace the unique gifts and wonders of all cultures. My passion is to help people reconnect and embody their authentic selves, navigate life’s complexities, foster better connections with themselves and others, and cultivate a profound sense of wholeness, inner peace and life purpose.