Kristen Noack, MSc, RCC

Registered Clinical Counselor
Vancouver BC
Psychedelics have experienced a renaissance in the west, as more are seeking deep healing and spiritual connection through their use. My approach to psychedelic preparation and integration is relational, collaborative, somatic, trauma-informed and mindful. Altered states through psychedelics can bring up strong emotions and revelations that have not been experienced before. This can be both life changing and scary. My priority is to meet you exactly where you are at while supporting you to ground your learnings into your everyday life. As with my counselling, I will guide you to make your own meanings of your experience, which in the context of plant medicine, can often be multi-layered and indirect. We may explore images, visions, somatic sensations, emotions and dreams so that you are better able to fully experience, appreciate and understand your experience. Regardless of what tools or modality I use, the connection with you and the present moment will be paramount to our work together.
I tend to work well with empaths or those who feel deeply. People choose to work with me for a variety of issues, but I specialize in trauma, depression and anxiety. I have worked with folks from all walks of life as a counsellor on the DTES, at a non-profit feminist organization, and at a health authority. My path towards becoming a therapist has been intertwined with my own healing, which I view as an unfolding process that is inherently spiritual. As a therapist, I work collaboratively with you to rediscover for yourself all the meaning, purpose and values that the problems in your life may have disconnected you from. I believe that no one I meet is ever the problem, see you as the expert of your own experience, and approach healing as a process of re-authoring your life and connecting with your body. I support you to gain greater awareness while connecting to your intuition so you can uncover your own resources, and find resiliency in your story. While I have a deep respect for the indigenous cultures in which many psychedelic substances are used for healing, I approach psychedelic integration from a western perspective, and based on my own lived experience.