Kris Prochaska, LMHC, LPC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Bend OR
Since I have found Human Design to be such a profound tool for helping clients understand themselves both before and after ceremony and/or psychedelic experiences, I use this as my primary 'assessment' tool. It gives us a lot of information about how people process emotions, thoughts, energy, and interpersonal dynamics. I've also found it useful in helping my clients understand their trauma response (in part) and how to integrate their psychedelic experiences in a way that is unique and tailored to them and their design. I also use simple art therapy tools and drawings (sometimes painting) to help my clients bypass their logical, rational, mind and connect deeply with their intuitive, feeling body/mind. With couples I start with their designs as this gives us a LOT of information about dynamics and mechanics of their energies together in a short time and helps them to understand themselves and each other in a deeper way, without the hours of talk therapy (which has it's place, but I prefer to get right to the essence quickly, and my clients do too!)
In addition to being a therapist, I'm a writer, artist, psychic, and mystic. In my practice I blend Art Therapy & Human Design for deeper integration, alignment, & healing, before and/or after psychedelic sessions. I'm especially fascinated with how Human Design and perinatal + birth experiences can be explored and healed through Holotropic states of Consciousness. I believe death and birth and our fears/traumas surrounding both offer the richest entry points for healing and transformation (must be my Scorpio Sun/Moon driving this on some level!) In addition to Human Design I use Applied Astrology tools to help my clients understand themselves and their relational patterns as well as their purpose. I have two teenagers that make me laugh every day. I prefer cowboy boots to heals, jeans to dresses, and have been known to dance my ass off to live music any chance I can get. 😉
Check out my free 10-day email training on how to prepare for and integrate psychedelic experiences using quantum energy techniques and Human Design: I also have an online group program called Emotional Intelligence 5.0: Breaking Free From the Narcissistic Matrix. Email me for more information!