Krista Rhinehart, PhD, MA, MFT

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Oakland CA
I offer ceremony preparation and integration sessions for individuals, couples, and groups. I support individuals in exploring the symbolism and messages within their journeys to help them make sense of the teachings and the shadow material being brought to the surface. Through this awareness we can apply therapeutic or shamanic techniques to release old patterns, trauma, emotions or belief systems. We can also uncover how your experience is awakening you to your own unique soul gifts. Upon request I use drumming or traditional chanting to help individuals to reconnect to the journey space without taking medicine to receive healing and messages from the spirit world. We can discover together how you can continue to stay in communication with the spirit world and continue to cultivate your relationship with the medicine outside of a ceremonial setting. Please visit my website for more information about what I offer.
Dr. Krista Rhinehart is a practicing somatic/depth psychotherapist, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual counselor. Her education and practice has been focused on the integration of ancient healing practices and spiritual traditions with Western Psychology. She has completed several long-term dietas, through the Shipibo lineage, to cultivate relationships with Master plants and learn their healing approaches. Krista combines the teachings and guidance from the plants with therapy to support individuals in preparing and integrating medicine ceremonies and traditional plant dietas. She has been offering individual and group integration since 2012 and co-leads monthly integration circles with the Integration Circle. Krista holds a Masters degree in Transpersonal psychology and a Doctorate in East-West psychology.