Kristina Rodriguez, RN-BSN, IFMCP

Registered Nurse & Functional Medicine Practitioner
Kihei HI
I am here to guide your transformational process- physically, mentally, emotionally, & spiritually. By choosing to examine the intricate aspects of your life and find the root causes of imbalance, equilibrium and equanimity are more possible. Functional medicine, entheogens, somatics, and both internal and external guidance help you to heal, transform, and grow into your fullest potential. My passion and purpose is to resource and empower you along your journey
As a certified functional medicine practitioner, registered nurse, lifestyle coach, psychedelic integration guide, massage therapist, and therapeutic yoga instructor my heart is in the healing arts. It is through my lifelong study of medicine, bodywork, body mechanics, yoga therapeutics, yoga philosophy, dance, meditation, nutrition, nutraceuticals, botanicals, shamanism, sacred plant medicine, and psychedelic therapy that I am able to help resource you on your healing journey. I am deeply inspirited by all that lifestyle medicine has to offer and I firmly believe in the healing power of sacred plant/fungi medicines and empathogenic molecules.