Laine Demetria, LMFT

Albany CA
I believe healing happens when the body and mind are connected. My passion is helping people heal from trauma, reduce harm to themselves, loved ones, and community, and develop powerful parenting skills and healthy family relationships. I utilize a positive, depth-oriented approach, integrating mindfulness and other mind-body, holistic modalities. I specialize in working with trauma, parenting and harm reduction. I facilitate communication trainings, grief groups, and women’s trauma groups in my private practice and for community non-profits, schools, and clinics. My practice includes parents of children with chronic medical conditions, survivors of childhood abuse, PTSD, anxiety, grief and loss, disability, medical trauma, adoption, and LGBTQ+ issues.
I am a licensed psychotherapist, certified MDMA-assisted therapist, and certified yoga instructor. In my Bay Area practice, MindBodyMend, I work with adults, couples and groups. I offer psychedelic psychotherapy, and prep and integration for clients seeking a deeper understanding of their psychedelic journey work. I collaborate with psychiatrists, individual therapists, somatic and sound bath healing practitioners. I am grounded in a trauma-informed, feminist, anti-racist, and relational lens. I integrate somatic approaches with traditional talk therapy. This approach acknowledges the healing connection between the body, mind and emotions.